Deal Image 12 Pack of Emptied Used 50 Cal M2A1 or M2A2 Type Ammo Cans - $12 Shipping, Free Shipping Over $200! - $168.00 (

NOTICE: We are selling this lot as-is, no returns, exchanges, or refunds. Sold strictly 'as is'. These are used, not new, and cans may be dusty, dirty, rusty and have some bent parts or bodies. We do sort out any that we think are too bad to sell, but our opinion and yours may not be the same. If perfect condition is something you want then do not buy these cans. These cans are used condition US military surplus, they are not new. Cans may have scrapes, dings, scuffs, bent handles, bent bodies, spots of rust, small dents and other imperfections from handling and storage. Original markings may be over-sprayed with paint or ground off. Expect a mix of different marking types, no special selection is available, these are prepacked by our warehouse before they are ordered so its just one 12 pack off the top of the pallet. These are commonly referred to as "50 cal cans" but M2A1 and M2A2 type cans can be commonly used to hold 100 rounds of 50 cal linked or 840 rounds of 5.56, and various other goods of may different types of munitions used by the US military so the stenciling may be of other types of ammo. This is the 50 cal type and the size is about 11.75"x5.5"x7"

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Updated: 8/12/2022 (22 months ago)

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