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This site is an indexing service from user submissions across the web and the country. I do not stock anything and I am not an expert on the deals which are submitted. Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for ANYTHING that is submitted into the site and make no guarantees of any kind about stock status, etc.

Site Introduction

Welcome to! The main purpose of the site is simple--to help firearm and ammunition enthusiasts find the best deal on guns and ammunition on the internet. Other things I hope to accomplish include the easiest and fastest way to find an ammunition deal (with realtime UPS quotes and sortable tables), and the easiest way to find a firearms deal with categories being assigned to each arms deal. Drill down to the category you are interested in and only those deals show up. Want an SKS? Select SKS deals, then complete firearms. Want an AK parts kit? Select AK47/74 then drill down to Parts Kits. Found a deal with a piece of information not right, such as a bad URL or outdated price? Use the flag deal button located on every deal page to get the bad information changed. With enough eyes on the site, it will become the most up-to-date guns and ammunition site on the internet. With this in mind, please spread the word about this site! It's a non-commercial endeavor run by one person with an interest in web programming/databases and firearms and ammunition.

How this site works

This site is run and maintained by you (the visitors). You submit, rank, comment on, and keep the deals up to date. This site DEPENDS on your contributions. Without interacting users, old deals would not be cleaned up and removed as quickly and new deals wouldn't get on the site as fast. The submission system is available for every user to submit a deal without bias.

The backend of the site is a relational database system which ties everything together with everything else. Vendors are tied to deals, deals to comments, comments to vendors, vendors to coupons.....etc. This interaction gives the site some very powerful features and the ability to add many features in the future.

What kind of deal can I submit?

Any deal. I'm more into AKs and milsurp weapons myself, but any deal can be submitted. There are categories which you can categorize non-ammo deals in.

I have a suggestion or problem

Use the input form at the top-right of every page. I'm very open to suggestions on changing and improving the site. It's a one man shop, but I'll try my best to implement any change. This site was built from scratch using no pre-existing software package, so the sky is the limit on what is possible (hopefully). Like any programmer knows, multiple versions of software are required to fine tune a system. Comments and suggestions really help this process along. Thanks.

Who runs this site?

This site is run privately by squeky (my nick on a few gunboards). I will do my best to make this site the best place to find a fair firearm-related deal on the web. I'm receiving no money from anyone who posts a deal and I am not in any way affiliated with any vendors. I'm a hobbyist with a hobby in computers and firearms who saw a hole in the market of locating easy to find bargains on firearms and related products.

Enjoy the site!

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