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Displaying M1/M2 Carbine Accessories

Deal Image Keepshooting Reproduction M1 Carbine Sling - $11.95 (
Updated: 5/3/2019 (40 months ago)
The M1 Carbine Sling is an authentic and accurate reproduction of the wartime original. Designed to easily attach to the M1 Carbine this all-correct sling will give you everything that an original would except cost significantly less.
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Deal Image WWII Era USGI Surplus Unissued M1 Carbine M8 Cleaning Rod NOTE: Use Coupon Code MARCH2019 To Get This Price! - $17.81 (
Updated: 4/4/2019 (41 months ago)
The M8 Cleaning Rod is an authentic USGI WWII-era cleaning rod for the M1 Carbine. This all original M1 Carbine accessory features a steel handle with a brass tip. This is the correct M1 Carbine cleaning rod for collecting purposes and it is also completely functional.
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Deal Image M1 Carbine Oiler, New NOTE: Use Coupon Code WINTER2018 To Get This Price! - $6.79 (
Updated: 1/26/2019 (43 months ago)
This is an excellent example of the M1 Carbine Oiler. The M1 Carbine Oiler is necessary to attach a sling to your M1 Carbine rifle. This makes the M1 Carbine Oiler an essential accessory for your M1 Carbine rifle. Nearly every "USGI" M1 Carbine Oiler being sold today is a reproduction. Don't be fooled into paying a high price for a fake original. Our M1 Carbine Oilers are exactly what you need at the right price.
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Deal Image M1 Carbine Oiler - $8.00 (J and C Sales)
Updated: 9/23/2015 (84 months ago)
This is a very good reproduction of the Oiler used to hold the sling in place on the M1 Carbine. Yes is will hold oil/grease if you want
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Deal Image M1 Carbine Sling - $10.00 (J and C Sales)
Added: 3/3/2009 (164 months ago)
Cotton web reproduction slings for the M1 Carbine. Your choice of either Khaki or OD Green.
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